Osman Maasoglu


June 24, 1980 was born in Adana, from Gaziantep.

Graphic Design Based Advertising Photographer. AFIAP
Since 2003 working as a graphic designer in the advertising industry, national and international multi-sector participated in the company’s advertising.
The photography which he was related since then his childhood, he has started to taking photos of the product images as a professional while he was working in the advertising agency in 2009. For several agencies and production companies, he has taken industrial and product photography .
He has a lot of training in Basic Photography and Photoshop in variety projects and also has received several awards in national and international photography competitions. Participated in many exhibitions and presentations.
Turkey Photo Collective and YAKIN PLAN is a founding member of the club.

Solo Photo Exhibitions;

2013 Gaziantep “Karma” Festival Park

2014 Istanbul “Between the Lines” – Ibrahim Calli Art Gallery

2015 Istanbul “Between the Lines” –  Anafod Gallery

2017 Adana “Between the Lines” –  Afad Gallery

2017 Gaziantep “Between the Lines” –  LINEART’S Gallery


2017 “Between the Lines” Cinematographer, Directed by Seref Akcay (Sabancı Foundation Short Film Competition “Second Prize”)

2020 “Mom’s Island” Cinematographer, Directed by Mehmet Aslan


Photography is as enjoyable as the chats with friends till the mornings.
It is exciting as to keep your first girlfriend’s hand.
And as dreamy as to watch a newborn baby while sleeping.
Also impulsive like Cemal Süreya’s poems.
Photography is a life
With love. “